ActionScript 3 in Sublime Text 2 - simply refreshing!

Thu Sep 8 02:02:03 2011

I had a really pleasant surprise today when I just happened to stumble upon a great little text editor called Sublime Text. Sublime Text 2 is currently at build version 2111 and is still in its beta stage... but boy is it good. It supports many of the major features that I feel have been sadly lacking from TextMate - i.e. split view coding, rich text input such as Japanese (a big one for me), a minimap, full screen and distraction free views - as well as macros and snippet support of course - and anything else I can think of that I need and use on a daily basis.

To get set up to compile for AS3, first off go download it at the Sublime Text website. Then once it's safely installed and inside your Applications folder (if on a mac), fire it up. At first glance, it actually looks a lot like TextMate, but for me has a bit more appeal.

You will need to add what's called a Build System in order to run the build command mxmlc . To do this, go to Tools > Build System > New Build System... . A new file should open called ' untitled-sublime-build '.

Copy the following json into that file, of course substituting the 'location_of_flex_sdk' for the real location of the sdk...

    "cmd": [" location_of_flex_sdk /bin/mxmlc", "$file"],
    "selector": "source.actionscript"
and save the file as ActionScript.sublime-build in Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/ActionScript/ .

Quit and restart Sublime. Now, write a little hello world in AS3 (whatever you like) and save it anywhere you like.

Now all that's left is to press command + b and you should see the build take place.

To work in split screen, go to View > Layout and choosing a layout you'd like.

Pretty nice, me thinks. Can't wait to see how this baby is going to turn out. Looks very promising.

TumbleBee Update and New App called Tones

Wed Aug 24 21:12:12 2011

Tumble Bee 1.1

It's been a busy month, but at last I have managed to get the first update for TumbleBee for the iPhone and iPod Touch on the iTunes store, so for those of you who have already downloaded this app, this update (v1.1) now boasts an OpenFeint High Score leaderboard and 7 achievements to be unlocked for challenges completed. Some of these challenges are easy but some are devilishly difficult and I imagine will take a little more effort to complete. I hope that you all enjoy playing the latest version of TumbleBee. For those who haven't yet got it, why not try it out? Here's the link - TumbleBee (v1.1)

New app - Tones

Also, very excitedly, I am proud to announce a new release - Tones. Tones is a music app that lets you create fun sounds with just a few taps of the sound pads. The great thing is, you don't even need to be musical to create great sounding tunes. Check it out - if really a lot of fun!

Reset a git remote (--bare) repo to 'Initial commit'

Sat Aug 6 05:30:09 2011

wipe git remote

I found a situation where I wanted to totally reset a remote repository and although deleting it and then recreating it using --bare usually does the trick, the server set up shared dependances that would have caused more trouble if I had done that. So the only option was to completely reset the repo and effectively wipe clean any past history.

In actual fact it is simpler than it sounds. Create a local repo using git init, add some files using git add * (where you can also replace the * with the particular name of a file/files). Commit the changes, i.e. git commit -m "Initial commit" and then add the remote url using git remote add origin remote_url_here.

Now all you have to do it push to the master branch of your remote to overwrite everything. However, simply using the command git push origin master will most likely fail due to the fact that content already exits. So here's what you do. Use git push --force.

That should give the desired results and you'll find that the existing remote will update and feel much fresher indeed. However, BE WARNED that this deletes everything as you'll see if you run git log on the remote.

Happy committing!

Unix Command Line 'Touch' command in Windows Command Prompt

Sun May 29 04:44:17 2011

I was asked the other day how to do the "touch" command in the command prompt on a Win machine to create a new file.

Anyone who uses the command line of Unix based environments will have most likely used the following command to create a new file.

touch fileName.fileExtenstion

Creating the file 'test.txt' is just a simple matter of touch test.txt.

OK, nothing new there. So how do we do this in Windows? The answer is simple. Open the Command Prompt, navigate to a folder in which you wish to create a file (cd to the Desktop for example) and type the following command.

copy nul test.txt
and press enter.

That's it.

There are a bunch of extra arguments you could add in place of the nul, like con which will let you enter content directly from cmd. Anyway, I'll let you look for those... and that's how you do it.

Node.js - better than sliced bread!

Fri Mar 25 03:23:58 2011

For those who haven't heard about Joyent and Node.js, you should definitely take a look. This has got to be one of the best things to happen to the Internet in while!

Also, just wanted to post a quick link to the blog post that got me up and running: Building a socket server with Node.js and Flash CS4

I did the tutorial linked above without Flash and here's the AS3 code I threw together just to test it out. It literally took 5 mins to write so no complaints if you don't like my rushed code, thank you.

Want to say a big thanks to my friend Dan for introducing this stuff to me. It made my day, I can tell ya!

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